Our thoughtful technology is designed to help you feel safe and secure when you are feeling unwell or need to keep track of your health. Careology Connect allows you to track important Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms including cough, fever, shortness of breath and loss of taste/smell. You can connect and share how you’re feeling with family, friends and carers, giving them confidence from afar.

The Careology Connect mobile app connects with leading Bluetooth wearable devices to record users’ temperature, heart rate, and activity levels.

Careology has built the Careology Connect app in collaboration with clinical teams having worked together to create and validate all elements of the app.

With Careology Connect you can

Log and score a variety of Coronavirus symptoms including cough, fever and shortness of breath


Connect to Bluetooth wearable devices to track your heart-rate and activity


Receive personalised medication reminders


Download and share a PDF summary, showing your health status, recent history and progression


Receive relevant content with NHS guidelines, approved advice and recommendations


Contact and share how you’re feeling with your family, friends and carers, giving them real-time, remote visibility