Creating more


for everyone living
and dealing with cancer
For you

Feel safe, in control and understand your own health status

For your
family & friends

Look after your loved one with confidence

For your clinician

Work proactively, avoid complications and improve outcomes

Everyone’s cancer
story is unique.

But what unites every person affected is the dedicated network of friends, family, carers, nurses, consultants, and healthcare providers that support them on their journey.

Careology connects that network, and equips people to feel more in control and able to keep on top of all the things that need managing. And we can give the team supporting them the real-time knowledge they need to make sure that story has the best possible outcome.

Yes, there will still be down days. But, together, we can help make them more manageable - and make the up days come more often.

Creating more Up Days

Manage your symptoms and understand when to contact your clinician


Track your symptoms and side effects, and keep an eye on your vital signs using connected wearable technology


Manage your medications and get reminders


Keep your treatment journal


Share information with your care team in real time


Keep tabs on where you are in your treatment plan


Keep friends and family up to date


Get helpful tips, articles and recipes to improve your wellbeing

"I’m really grateful that your app is available to make tracking symptoms, appointments and meds so much easier. Thank you."

- Careology User

"Careology really helped whilst I was in hospital to keep my husband connected and to enable him to contribute to my consultation with the oncologist even though he was only able to attend by phone. It’s helped him to understand how I’m feeling day to day to help provide the support I need."

- Careology User

"The caregiver side is something really special. My husband can see how I'm doing from work, everyone always forgets that the friends and family need support too."

- Careology User

"Careology helped me keep on top of my medication, taking the right stuff at the right time, and I now find the most useful thing in the app is the ability to put symptoms in one place and have a record that I can refer back to with the nurses."

- Careology User

"You get so many apps out there but you can tell Careology comes from someone who really understands"

- Careology User
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A little bit about us

Careology was created by health tech pioneer Paul Landau, after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, Careology combines the very best in digital technology with a true understanding of living and dealing with cancer. The Careology app is a recommended service by Macmillan Cancer Support.

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