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When cancer comes,
it touches everyone

You don’t have to be the patient for a cancer diagnosis to turn your world upside down. When cancer comes, it touches everyone. Of course, you want to be there for your friend or loved one… but you don’t want to crowd them. You want to help… but you’re not sure what’s needed. You want to know how they’re feeling… but you’re not sure how to ask. You need a break… but you’re scared to leave them alone. You want to make the down days better… but you don’t know how.

Support your loved one,
every step of the way

With Careology, you can be a vital part of their cancer journey, during and beyond treatment. You can stay connected 24/7. You can monitor their symptoms and be notified of any changes. You can be sure they’re on top of their medication. You can see how they’re feeling and be there for support when they need it or give them space when they don’t. And you can make time for yourself – safe in the knowledge that you’re still in the loop. The Careology app is a recommended service by Macmillan Cancer Support.

Monitoring & Alerts

View your loved one’s symptoms and side effects, wherever you are, without always needing to ask. See data from a range of connected health-tracking devices to monitor temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, weight and more. Notifications to alert you if something looks wrong.

Manage Medication

Treatment schedules can be complex, but taking medication properly is key. Careology gives you visibility and assurance that the right meds are being taken at the right time.

Shared Status

Careology connects you to your loved one’s healthcare team. If something looks wrong from afar they can be notified straight away, and see the real-time health information they need.

"We came across Careology quite late in her treatment and I only wish we had found it sooner as we all found it so helpful."

- Careology User

"It has everything I need and I often show it to people at the hospital."

- Careology User

"It’s enabled him to understand how I’m feeling day to day to help provide the support I need."

- Careology User
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